Wild garlic sauce

Wild garlic sauce

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Wild garlic sauce represents the achievement of the long-lasting wish to make a counterpart of Serbian ajvar in green color, but without any thermal processing. Wild garlic in combination with sunflower oil gives a compact finely ground mixture which goes excelently with all types of cheeses and aperitifs , as well as with cream soups, fish, pies and sandwiches.


Wild garlic sauce is the product made with a clear purpose to help to all with disordered immunity and blood count and they will get the absolutely necessary help from unspoiled mountain peaks. To make the bridge between the man and nature as short as possible we made efforts to make the product at the site in the beech woods, trying to shorten the interval from picking to cutting the leaf and stabilizing. Processed in the most adequate way, while respecting the nature`s principles and scientific knowledge, the wild garlic remains preserved in its best form, keeping its healing properties to the maximum which results in undisturbed consuming of the strongest natural antibiotic in its original form.



Fresh wild garlic leaves


Organic sunflower oil


Sea salt

Wild garlic is a self-grown original still not spoiled by human search for perfectness. Undiluted energy packed into the ancient ancestor of garlic is full of vitamins with strong anti-oxidative effect given by the nature in the most powerful form exactly through wild garlic and other self-growing heralds of the most beautiful season of the year – the spring. Somewhere in the meantime when the dew disappears and before the sun zenith, the leaf by its bright green color confirms that the light of the sun beam has inhabited the plant and that the juices have filled up the leaf. These are small signs, given to us, the people, to pick up our favorite plant and never to part from the flood of spring life energy that becomes part of us.

Organic sunflower oil is a diamond in the world of oils. It is obtained by cold pressing of the best quality raw organic sunflower seeds. The procedure of mechanical pressing of seeds on lever presses enables to preserve completely all nutritive ingredients, and, most importantly, essential fatty acids naturally abundant within this seed. The seed is grown in non-polluted areas and the oil does not undergo any refinement, which makes it absolutely pure. The seed grown in this way is rich in vitamin E, B, copper, selenium, magnesium. It is also an important source of omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, as well as fibres and amino-acids.

Sea salt is a miraculous union of fire and water. Even the ancient poets called salt the best crystal glass formed by impacts of sun beams while the old civilizations used salt to make the food last longer thus allowing themselves to survive under the most stringent conditions. Thanks to its perfect crystal structure and composition of 84 minerals and elements in the same ratio as present in our organism as well, the salt helps the body and nervous system to achieve balance.

Apart from providing the body with all essential minerals, the salt enables natural regulation of electrolytes within the body and better absorption of nutrients and detoxication. It supports and accelerates rinsing of accumulated toxins from the organism and is recommended to everybody especially to those who have problems with high blood pressure and water retention in organism.

As an early-spring herald of all that symbolizes life, wild garlic warns us that it is time for complete detoxication of organism after winter`s sleep.