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As the most beautiful period of life, childhood deserves freedom in playing and imagination but also getting used to healthy taste. Embedded in this way, they will find home in child’s personality like a seed which will bear fruit only if planted into good soil.

So Our Garden of Eden produced the cream as a unique combination of nutritive natural ingredients intended for children but for adults as well. It was made with the wish to provide for the children in developmental stage everything necessary for proper growing at one place. At the age in life similar to spring, when everything keeps growing and developing fast all the time, it is of vital importance for that road to be accompanied by a healthy foodstuff which contains pure nature.




Acacia honey


Sesame butter





Acacia honey is a specially healing sort of honey. Among the people who like the most important bee’s product and who have problems with allergies, it represents a real pearl from a shell. When at mid-spring the white blossoms cover the spacious acacia-tree woods, the whole air is filled with pleasant smell that attracts extremely loud buzzing of bees. That meeting gives birth to clear, almost transparent honey of unobtrusive taste, which contains more than 300 for organism easily resorbable matters among which are minerals, vitamins, essential amino-acids, phytogenic antibiotics, phytohormones. It makes the immune system stronger and possesses anti-microbial, anti-mycotic, anti-oxidant, anti-anemic and anti-sclerotic properties. It also helps forming red and white blood cells.

Sesame butter is very rich in calcium and magnesium which are very important for correct development of bones.

Cocoa is full of flavonil and protects skin from negative radiation, revitalizing the complete cardiovascular system and stimulating production of the hormones dopamine and endorphin which have very positive effect on mood.

Hazelnut is abundant in vitamins of group A, E, and B (particularly B5, B6, folic acid) and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium and zinc), protects heart and blood vessels as an irreplaceable source of recovery after many hours of playing.

This cream is a reflection of children’s honesty whose imagination has played with the fruits of the nature and made a tasteful and healthy candy that does not harm digestion and does not damage intestines by artificial sugar and sweeteners, providing stronger immunity for the generations in growth.